Butler BAMFL Personalized Custom BOW Bag Tag

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    New this year, BAMFL Tuffy Cheer Personalized hard plastic bow bag tag.  Name cannot be changed once bag tag is made, so please double check spelling when ordering.  This bag tag will be the same hard plastic like the megaphones were in previous years, but rather than a megaphone, it's a bow.  Images are mockups of what they will look like.  They will also come with the keychain hardware attached (missing from mockups)

    PLEASE NOTE:  Misspellings cannot be fixed.  EVERYTHING IN NAME BOX WILL BE ADDED TO Bag Tag.  If ordering multiple bag tags, please add 1 bag tag for each name.  Do not order a quantity of 2 bag tags and put both names in the box....or both names will be put on both bag tags!